Instructor Bios

Learn more about our top of the line golf instructors.

Federico Frangiamore

Federico was born in Venice, Italy. He began golfing at 5 years old, and at 10, he placed first in the "Mickey Mouse Tournament", one of Italy's most important under 14 International Tournament.

Federico's early success led to his being recognized by Italian Federation of Golf as a "Brevetto" and " Brevetto Giovanile". Both honors are reserved only for those very limited number of youth players that win and place highly in a significant number of major national events. A notably prominent National Newspaper wrote "no one was better than Federico Frangiamore" and described his play as "magical", and calling Federico "a true golf machine".

In 2002, Federico became an Official Member of the Italian National Golf Team and he began competing on the International Championships of Europe Tour. In 2005, at the age of 19, he placed first in the Leone San Marco Golf Tournament Venice that represents one of the oldest and most prestigious Tournaments in Italy and later that year he became a member of the PGAI and was recognized one of the top ten golfers in Italy.

In 2009, Federico’s top student became the Under-14 Italian Champion. He contributes his success to Federico’s focus on golf fundamentals and tactical game elements that can make his students stronger and mentally prepared to handle competitive rigors, while having fun and creating enthusiasm for the game.

Tom Berry

Tom starting playing golf at age 7 and has been a PGA Class A Professional for more than 20 years. Tom was selected as one of Americas Top Golf Instructors by Consumer Reports 2002-2003.

As the former host of Cablevision's: Active Life Golf Show; a 30 minute live televised show with viewer call ins, concerning swing techniques, error corrections, Tom has the innate ability to quickly identify simple swing faults, while at the same time understands how to relay information to the student that is easy to understand and implement.

Tom's swing philosophy is based on fundamentals, teaching each individual based on their unique qualities which include body type, flexibility, and how they retain information ( visual, audio, or kinesthetic).