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How long does it take to play a round of golf?

It takes about one hour per person for 18 holes (assuming a 15 handicap or less) — add 10 minutes per person for cajoling, checking texts and emails and other distractions. For example, 4 golfers would take about 4 ½ hours to play 18 holes; 2 golfers would take just over 2 hours to play 18.

How real a "golf" experience do the simulators deliver?

Golf Manhattan uses the latest in launch monitor and simulator technology. Our PGA TOUR Simulator provides the dramatic leap-forward that had been missing in previous versions by delivering a real-life golf experience through accurate measurement of launch angle (horizontal & vertical), ball speed, club speed, ball spin axis & spin rate. Our golfers have found it to be a terrific experience with the ability to hit from a tee, fairway, rough or green.

Does it cost extra to bring more golfers?

No — there is no per person charge, bring as many golfers and spectators as you like.

How does the golf simulator work?

Golf Manhattan offers an indoor PGA TOUR Simulator within a 450 sq. ft. space using real clubs and balls. You'll be hitting into a specially designed screen (12 ft. away) which absorbs the ball and then renders the virtual ball flight. Our PGA TOUR Simulator technology utilizes 3 high-speed digital cameras that snap 15-30 images (2000 frames/sec.) after the ball leaves the clubface to render incredibly accurate & realistic golf shots.

How is this different than a driving range?

Golf Manhattan offers a private and luxurious lounge for golfers and guests to enjoy golfing for entertainment or for serious training. Our Golf Lounge has played host to lunchtime golf meetings and team off-sites, as well as individual and group PGA Professional lessons. In addition to seeing the shot data on screen, you can access all of your data via the internet to continually improve your game alone or with your own golf professional.

Our Golf Lounge makes for the perfect venue for everything from social or business events to high tech swing analysis and virtual rounds of golf at over 50 Championship Courses from around the world.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Due to our limited capacity and an increase in demand for our services we have implemented a 24 our cancellation and no-show policy.

  • Cancellation or rescheduling 24 hours or more before the tee time will incur no cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation or rescheduling less than 24 hours before a tee time will be considered a no-show and subject to being charged the full amount of the reservation.


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