Grading “The Match” Tiger vs Phil

Phil takes the $9 Million purse and puts it right into his pocket after a 22 hole match with Tiger. Was it everything we’ve ever wanted? No.



Commentary – D

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson…….. the show was not supposed to be about you! No one cares about your golf skills or any meaningless story you wanted to share. I was extremely disappointed in the lack of awareness by these announcers. They were literally talking OVER Tiger/Phil’s conversations with their caddies. HELLO!!! That was half the reason we tuned in! I guarantee Phil will go back and be disappointed, as he was so adamant about how the viewer would get so much insight to players conversations during intense moments.

Competitiveness – A-

The match was 100% competitive, I mean, they took it to 22 holes. However, they both played like shit! They predicted 7-9 birdies for the winner and it wasn’t even close. I was unimpressed by the play, but very entertained by how close the match was.

Gambling B-

The gambling was fun, but I expected many more side bets, especially from Phil. Don’t get me wrong, hearing “$200,000 closest to the pin?” was incredible, but these guys talked a huge game. They definitely bet large amounts of money, but I think we saw fewer side bets than expected. Of course we later find out that the PGA limited the amount wagered for their side bets. The PGA is very controlling of player image rights and wanted to protect sponsors, like FedEx. Finding this out basically indicates there won’t be a future of similar style match play events, which actually makes me like the PGA’s product even less. Shooting themselves in the foot there.

Overall B-

At the end of the day, this event was good for the game. It peaked peoples interest, even non-golfers. Gamblers like myself enjoyed the ability of live wagering. I think Phil and Tiger really understand the future of sports, and this was them introducing the golf world to it. Next time we should get more wagering, less commentary by the announcers, and more birdies!


Hit it hard  – Kyle


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