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10 Must Follow Golf Accounts

10. @Bogeybox

These guys produce great golf content, as well as an awesome service. With Bogeybox, you’ll never have to shop for clothes again. Outfits delivered. Ships free both ways. Pure honesty, no BS.

9. @holein1trickshots

This guy does the unthinkable with a golf club. Some of us struggle hitting a still ball…. he hits them out of mid air.

8. @georgegankasgolf

Awesome account to follow here. The guy is changing the golf world with his new age style of teaching. GGSwingtips is an iconic channel that you should definitely tune into. Lots of valuable information to take in, whether you are an instructor or student.

7. @the_golf_room

If you’re looking for solid advice and swing tips, these guys are perfect for you. In-depth drills to help you with what you are likely struggling with.

6. @_paige.renee

I’ve written about Paige before. She’s heavily involved with golf media, looking to make the game more enjoyable for the casual viewer rather than only the serious golfer.

5. @realzacradford

If you like Tiger stingers, follow this guy. Just do it and thank me later.

4. @nolayingup

Unlike another golf podcast we know… these guys are actually knowledgable in the golf department. While traveling to different courses, they have an awesome video series “Tourist Sauce”. The show provides great insight to the history and surroundings of the course. In addition, they are really solid in their interviews, getting into the history and background of whoever they interview, rather than “what’s hot”.

3. @lucyrobson

Must follow.

2. @skratchtv

This account is a great place to go to find the weird, funny golf content. So many old Tiger videos, I’d recommend checking up on them.

1.  @golf_com

Being one of the largest media outlets in golf, these folks are a must follow. They are on top of all golf drama, info, and updates.



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  1. Golf fan on December 5, 2018 at 7:28 pm

    Thanks for the list! Some new ones in there that I haven’t seen…yet:). Agreed @nolayingup is a high quality show, I urge all golf fans to check it out.

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