Winter Golf – How cold is TOO COLD?


The conversation is taking place every day in our cozy indoor golf oasis, so I want to pose the question to you guys. How cold is too cold, to get out and play? My number is about 30 degrees, and below are my best winter golf tips.

  1. Layers! My preferred layers are as follows:
    1. TORSO – Nike cold gear base layer followed by a snug thermal, fleece, or sweater (plenty of stretch) and then a windbreaker (insulation and weight dependent on temperature) The big point here is to have layers that work together and don’t restrict your swing.
    2. LEGS – Nike cold gear base layer followed by normal cotton or synthetic golf pants, and outer is a pair of rain pants (for the windbreaker benefit)
    3. FEET – Woolrich winter socks (insulated wool – calf length), waterproof shoes (mine are Footjoys Dryjoys)
  2. GEAR:
    1. Gloves – I recommend all weather rain gloves from Footjoy. I wear them, and keep them on, once the temperature drops below 40.
    2. Small towel – I try to keep an extra small towel tucked in my pants or pocket, since I’m mostly playing lift/clean/place rules during the winter. This is also useful on the greens, and since I have extra clothes on, I don’t mind the towel on my person.
    3. Hat – To each their own, but I like having a wool hat over a flatbill, so I can take off one if I get too cold or too warm.
  3. Approach to the Game:
    1. Lower your expectations. The ball won’t fly as far, the course won’t be in summer condition, and you won’t have the same speed or feel in your swing.
    2. WALK! Always walk when it’s cold. No reason to sit in the wind and get colder before and after every shot. If you’re going to play winter golf, always walk.


Stay warm, and let me know your thoughts on winter golf.



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