Is the PGA Tour Ruining Golf?

Answer: YUP.

So as some of you know, I am a big fan of posting swing videos on my instagram. Some videos are taken from the PGA Tour’s broadcast, and/or PGA Tour’s instagram. After numerous notifications from Instagram/Twitter threatening to ban me from the platforms, I’ve had enough. Even after tagging and crediting the PGA Tour, I receive these notifications.

The PGA Tour needs to WAKE UP. By telling people they are forbidden from posting their footage/content, they are directly hurting themselves. Why would they not want people spreading awareness and gaining exposure? One of the most powerful things in the world right now is the internet, they should be using it to grow the game of golf.

The most recent video removed was Tiger Woods holing a wedge for eagle. That video alone can capture anyones interest, even  non-golfers. The PGA Tour tries to convince you they care about the game and the growth, well open your eyes, they don’t. It’s very possible they continue on the path, and end up like the MLB. Quite frankly, it’s pure stupidity. Unpaid marketing is what we all strive for, they have other thoughts.


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