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“What we’re trying to do is create a golf Netflix”


“What we’re trying to do is create a golf Netflix”

Discovery CEO David Zaslav recently told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that he has teamed up with the PGA Tour and created a new digital streaming service called GolfTV. Tiger Woods will be showcasing his practice routines, tournament preparation and his tips on your own game improvement, as well as other professional tips and tricks to a better golf game.


In June Discovery, the owner of Eurosport, HGTV, Animal Planet and others invested more than $2 billion for the global TV and streaming rights for the PGA Tour media properties which includes tournament coverage. David also continued to tell CNBC that GolfTV has  “optionality to partner with existing platforms or create their own” to serve the domestic audience. This should create many different viewing options, outside of what’s already available.


The platform will also host equipment reviews, course reviews and travel features, which makes sense given the alliance with the Travel Channel. The cost of this service/platform is undecided as of yet, but there will be free content alongside different payment tiers.


GolfTV won’t be viewable to the United States when it launches in Europe January 2019,  but Zaslav is working with other streaming companies in order to achieve global coverage. I think this platform is a great thing for Tiger. Much like “The Match” with Phil, we’ll have the opportunity to hear Tiger’s voice, and get a peek inside his approach to the game. I’ll be watching and taking notes as soon as we have access to GolfTV in the U.S.


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