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PGA // NBA – Who’s doing what?

What can the PGA learn from the NBA?

As Kyle wrote last week, the PGA is struggling to attract fans and get them engaged with their content. I think they could learn a thing or two from a league I absolutely love, the NBA. There are three major components to this argument:

  1. Let people have access to the content they want to consume and share. The NBA allows access to content, while the PGA Tour hunts down reposts like Big Brother in 1984. If people want to follow, consume, and share your product…LET THEM!
  2. Encourage and facilitate off the course interaction, sponsorship, and personality development in settings other than Pro-Ams, which ‘normal’ people can’t afford to play in or attend.
  3. Figure out a balance between the stuffiness of our ‘gentlemen’s game’ and fans who want to cheer and participate in the event. I know that respect for the game is a big part of this, and I don’t mean to speak like a golf heretic, but there has to be more room for fans who want to clap and cheer. I fully support kicking fans out who ruin the experience for people, but I also fully support fans being engaged in the game.

We get to see player’s faces for the whole contest, there are only a few players at a time on screen, and I think the PGA Tour (and the players themselves) can do a much better job of capitalizing on this. As an example, LeBron has 45.6 million followers on Instagram, while Tiger and Rickie have 1.5 million each. Staggering.

Let me know your thoughts, and keep swinging.




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