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The Match: Tiger vs. Phil – Reactions

Tiger vs Phil – epic, gladiatorial, major money on the line, and above all else a faltering disappointment. This was slated to be a high stakes gambling match in addition to the $9M purse. In my opinion, every ‘challenge’ felt forced, and created very little intrigue or excitement. I think the idea of a one…

Phil Mickelson

Grading “The Match” Tiger vs Phil

Phil takes the $9 Million purse and puts it right into his pocket after a 22 hole match with Tiger. Was it everything we’ve ever wanted? No.     Commentary – D Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Samuel L. Jackson…….. the show was not supposed to be about you! No one cares about your golf skills…

Lexi Thompson


That’s right, credit to me for picking Lexi to win this week. With a dominate performance in Naples, Lexi captures her first win in over a year. Finishing at a solid -18, Lexi captures her 13th professional win, and 10th LPGA Tour win. If you hadn’t heard, Lexi had her brother on the bag this…


Does Bo Know if Steph could beat Tiger?

  Does Bo Know if Steph could beat Tiger? If you follow Steph Curry on Twitter, you’ve most likely seen that he recently challenged Phil and Tiger to a golf match. He has played twice on the tour via sponsor’s exemptions, and has showed some impressive ability. Personally, I like these types of challenges…

Are we idiots for practicing at Bryant Park during a snow storm?

Are we idiots for practicing at Bryant Park during a snow storm?

    Tommy and myself decided to get some swings in Bryant Park during yesterday’s snow storm. Safe to say we got some strange looks… We ultimately decided Golf Manhattan was a better place to play.   Hit it hard – Kyle