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Evan Cather is a teaching Pro at Golf Manhattan. Since joining us in 2017 Evan has quickly become one of NYC’s busiest Instructors. As a Master Instructor at the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami (#1 Ranked School in the world & top ranked by Golf Digest) Evan has spent the past 5 years working alongside the greatest instructors in the world, Including studying personally with Jim McLean and completing his rigorous teaching certification. Tap below to what it takes to join this elite group!

As an elite golf instructor, Evan looks to answer two important questions: How is your body moving and how is the club swinging? The body motion affects the club, and the club affects the body. There is no way around it; these two things must be moving in relatively synchronized motion. Take a lesson with Evan and you’ll leave understanding these two concepts. When these components are properly combined together, center contact, club face control, and club path will run on auto-pilot! Evan is a Bodi Trak owner and Certified Instructor, Swing Catalyst Certified, has 7 years of Trackman experience, and is a US. Kids Instructor. With video analysis, Trackman, and Bodi Trak technology, Evan will relay very detailed information in a simple way that helps you completely understand your golf swing. Most importantly improve and lower scores!

Prior to Joining the Jim McLean Golf School Evan played golf collegiately at Taylor University, Indiana. As a Chicago native Evan was an assistant professional at La Grange CC, and The Director of Instruction at Lake Bluff GC on the north shore.

With over 68,000+ followers on Instagram Evan is one of the top followed Instructors in the world. Tap the links below to check out his teaching style and gather instructional tips to help your game.

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