+ How does the simulator work?

Each 450-square-foot simulator room is equipped with a PGA Tour Simulator and three high-speed digital cameras. Players hit real clubs and balls into specifically-designed screens, which absorb the ball , while the high-speed cameras snap 15–30 images (2000 frames/sec.) after the ball leaves the clubface, rendering incredibly accurate and realistic golf shots.


+ How “real” is the golf experience the simulators deliver?

Our PGA TOUR Simulators deliver a real-life golf experience through accurate measurement of launch angle (horizontal and vertical), ball speed, club speed, ball spin axis, and spin rate.


+ How long is one round of golf?

It takes about 1 hour per person for 18 holes (assuming a 15 handicap or less).

For example, 4 golfers would take about 4 hours to play 18 holes; 2 golfers would take 2 hours.


+ How is this different from a driving range?

Golf Manhattan is a year-round private golf lounge for practicing your game, taking a lesson, watching the game, or hosting a private event. Our space is perfect for everything from social and business events and lunchtime golf meetings to individual and group golf lessons.


+ Still Have Questions?

Feel free to email us at info@golfmanhattan.com