Individual Lessons

Tune Up

$90 per half hour
  • 1 Golfer

Dig In

$150 Hour
  • 1 Golfer


$190 Hour
  • 2 Golfers


Evan Cather

As an elite golf instructor, Evan looks to answer two important questions: How is your body moving and how is the club swinging? The body motion affects the club, and the club affects the body. There is no way around it; these two things must be moving in relatively synchronized motion. Take a lesson with Evan and you’ll leave understanding these two concepts. When combined together, center contact, club face control, and club path will run on auto-pilot! As a Master Instructor for the last 5 years at the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami (a Top Ranked school by Golf Digest), Evan has spent time amongst the greatest teachers in the world, including studying personally with Jim. Evan is a Swing Catalyst and Bodi Trak certified instructor, and can relay the biodynamic motion of your golf swing into practical use so you can start shooting lower scores today. 

Kyle Senatore

"As an instructor and player, I have learned that the amount of knowledge to be gained in endless. Golf is a humbling game, which I am reminded of every day. A career in golf is extremely rewarding as it allows me to improve my clients' games, so they can enjoy this beautiful sport as much as I do."


Jeremy Hutchins

"My biggest goal is to make golf more approachable, especially by making it easier to learn and less intimidating. I want to give people the tools to enjoy their corporate outing, take some money from their buddies, or lower their handicap another few decimal points."

John Manning

"That’s all I can ask for. As a teaching professional who loves the game and enjoys helping others maximize their potential. I will assist you in proper grip, stance and swing mechanics. I will teach you so you have a better understanding of the golf swing and how to correct any swing flaws that you may have. When you take lessons with me, you’re on your way to better golf!"



  • 1 Golfer
  • 1 hr each


  • 1 Golfer
  • 1 hr each


  • 1 Golfer
  • 1 hr each